About us

Our story

When you see someone for the first time, what do you notice? The typical answer is "the eyes." But for us, it's the shoes. They say a good pair of shoes can take you places, and with each destination and occasion lies a story. If there are two things we're huge fans of, they're good shoes and good stories. 

You may have already seen our good shoes, now here's our story.

We decided to sell clothing via Instagram in 2013. Back then the photo-sharing site was still a rather new location for entrepreneurs. We've ceased operations and relaunched a couple of times in the past four years, but this time we're setting foot (pun intended) and staying put. And though we may go places literally and figuratively, we're not going anywhere. It's the biggest metaphor for our relationship as siblings.

Dida — named after our dear mother — is a testament to how, like our products, sisters work better in pairs. 

Our brand

For frugal stylistas and women with wide, stubby feet


Our mission is to provide 100% Filipino-made footwear to modern women who are forward-thinkers but are appreciative of history and heritage — pairs that will not only take them places but be part of their lives for a long time. Dida is created for women who adore quiet elegance and seek stylish pieces that don't burn a hole in the pocket. With the frugal stylista in mind, Dida draws inspiration from real women, popular culture and history. 

Our products

Designed and made in the Philippines, Dida products are stylish minus the fuss. The women who wear Dida are stylistas who value quality over anything else. The women who wear Dida are also practical, and so we ensure that our products are affordable, comfortable — we're looking at you fellow women with wide, stubby feet — and cruelty-free.

We believe in keeping things fresh by innovating the classics and injecting playfulness as much as we can.