Step One

The word "step" is used (perhaps even overused) when it comes to anything related to footwear or shoes. Spring in your step, step out, step in — there are many ways and reasons "step" is used. For us, however, "step" not only signifies an action but also the decision behind it. 

shoes for frugal stylistas If you've seen our About page, you'd know that this isn't our first foray into the world of fashion entrepreneurship. But this is our first website, and this is the first time we actually had our ideas and designs turned into tangible pieces. For us, this is step one. This is the beginning of our quest to help out fellow stubby-footed women find footwear they won't only enjoy but also be proud to wear.

There will definitely be more steps to take, and so many things to learn. But one thing will always remain: we'll never stop trying to provide not only high-quality stylish products and help you be more confident with every step you take.

Welcome to Shop Dida! We hope you find something that makes your heart skip a beat.

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