Your Mom Will Love These Mother's Day Gifts Under Php1,000

The love our mothers give us is priceless, and so it's only fitting that we return the favor a hundred-fold. But let's be honest, while we want to make our moms feel like the queens they truly are, some of us are just not at the point in our lives where we can easily let thousands of pesos go to show our moms how much we value them. Of course, it's always the thought that counts, but a little gift to remind her that you care for her never hurt. So if you're looking for a thoughtful gift for your mom without having to go over your budget (and leave you with eating pancit canton in the next couple of months), here are some inexpensive options to choose from.

A photo book

Select and compile your favorite photos with your mom and put them in a photo book. There are so many photo book printing services out there and you can definitely find one that fits your budget.

A succulent

If your mom loves plants, she'll sure love receiving a succulent or really just about any plant you can get. Just imagine her remembering you whenever she waters the plant. Sweet, eh?

A pair of shoes 

If your mom's the type to always put herself last, it's time to give her something she probably would argue with you before actually buying. If your mom's a stylista at heart but are always hesitant to shop for new shoes, take Mother's Day as your chance to treat her. Make sure you choose a pair that suits her style but is incredibly comfortable.

A wallet

When was the last time your mom changed her wallet? If it's been years, give her a new one to use all the time or alternate with her favorite. Wallets are extremely functional and they're just what your busy budget-planning mom needs.

Got other gifting ideas? Share them below!

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