How To Get Summer-Ready Feet

It's that time of the year again when our planners and calendars are filled with getaways to beaches and lakes. Summertime is here, and we're definitely not sad about it. We're ready to feel the sand on our toes and take a dip into cool, pristine waters. 

Before you jet off to your destination, though, make sure everything's ready — and we mean everything, including your feet. We're not feet police, in any way, but feet are undoubtedly one of the parts of the body that many people tend to forget to take extra care of. If you're one of them, heed these tips for summer-ready feet.

Pamper 'em 

Book a massage and indulge yourself. It's not only great at relieving your stress but also stimulating blood circulation in the area. If your budget is tight, doing it yourself is the way to go. Use long stroking motions on your feet and repeat until you're thoroughly relaxed.



Scaly, thick skin on the feet are not exactly nice to look at (and feel). Plus, thick calluses may lead to cracks, which in turn can lead to infections. And nobody wants that! So make sure your feet are always clean and smooth. Go for a salt scrub for gentle exfoliation. Just make sure to not overdo it either, and have a lot of patience cos it might take time before your feet get to where you want them to be.


Moisturise and hydrate

Dry feet tend to get cracked easily. Make sure your feet are moisturised by putting cream on them after cleansing. Wear a pair of socks to seal in the moisture and you'll have soft feet come morning.


They say prevention is better than cure, and it's true. Before you even get calluses, make sure that you wear footwear that don't hurt or damage your feet. Picking the right size for you can do wonders. So go for something that is padded for your comfort.

If your feet are quite wide, make sure that you find shoes that do not constrict them. Get shoes that are created especially for those with stubby feet. Here's our New Classics collection for starters. Inspired by legendary women and created for women with wide feet, they are sleek, chic and comfortable.


What are your favorite foot care tips?

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