How to Have A Fuss-Free Summer


Many of us look forward to the summer. But we know how hard it is to deal with things that may make our summer livin' quite unpleasant. So make sure you heed these tips for a fuss-free season under the sun.


drink water

Drink water — lots of it! You wouldn't want to spoil your summer with a trip to the hospital because you were hydrated, do you? We're sure you've already heard of drinking eight glasses of water a day. Well, we can't say they were lying. Drink enough to make sure that your body's working properly and that you're energized enough to take on your planned summer activities.

Wear comfy footwear

comfy footwear

Go places — literally and figuratively — minus the discomfort by wearing footwear that's proven to make you (and your feet) happy.  Pick footwear that you can go walking miles in without hurting your feet. Plus points if they're stylish!


Keep it light

light makeup

If you can't go a day without wearing makeup, go for lighter alternatives to your usual routine. Opt for a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation. Go for a gloss instead of a drying matte lipstick. Make sure you're wearing waterproof products, too!

Keep it cool

cotton shirt

Refrain from wearing clothes that cling to the skin when it's hot or when you get sweaty. Pick pieces made with cotton or other lightweight materials. Make sure your skin can breathe not just to avoid unpleasant smells but also to keep your body's temperature in check.

Now it's your turn. What are your best tips for enjoying summer?

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